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Role: Digital Design Marketing Manager, Curebase
Full time


Apart from managing all B2B marketing design initiatives at Curebase, I was also responsible for designing and in many cases, developing informational websites for our clinical trial sponsors and their patients.

The most important aspect of this role was to use visual design to effectively communicate key information to patients about clinical trials they were interested in volunteering for. To create the best possible patient experience, I used accessibility best practices, tracking metrics, and implemented a process for data-driven iterations.

I designed over a dozen websites for our sponsor base, which included world-renowned companies and institutions. Essentially running a small website design agency through Curebase, I worked directly with clients such as Walgreens, Mitsubishi Tanabe, Gilead, Persephone Biosciences, Big Health and many others.

My Contributions:
- Study brand strategy and design
- UX/UI design
- Responsive website development in Webflow
- Ongoing site optimization
- Establishing cross-functional protocols and systems to ensure functionality between website and product user flows

Challenge, solutions, and takeaways

1. To create either fully white labeled websites and/or create agnostic study specific brands
2. Ensure quality UX/UI for critical website conversions

Often working under extremely tight deadlines, I created a template collection for the marketing team to streamline our process. This led to faster turnaround times for our sponsors and therefore faster patient recruitment rates, which was the primary objective for these websites.

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