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Role: Co-Director, Producer, Outreach Campaign Designer/Manager
National Geographic Society Explorer, Grantee

Funding and support

The film

My earlier work dates back nearly a decade, when I was privileged to become a National Geographic Explorer. My second feature length documentary was entitled Komora: To Heal, which chronicled the lives of genocide survivors in Rwanda. It received a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant, and a National Geographic All Roads Film Grant. Upon its release in 2014, Komora was awarded a Special Jury award at the Houston International Film Festival, and was broadcast nationally on PBS World.

My Contributions:
-  Videography
- Script writing
- Video editing
- General art direction

Designing and managing the promotional campaign

My Contributions:
- Web design
- Graphic design
- Event management
- Storytelling through design

In addition to shooting, writing, editing and producing the film alongside my co-director Emmanuel Habimana, it was also within my contract with National Geographic to spearhead nationwide promotional efforts for the film. This included organizing and promoting multiple nationwide speaking tours and live screenings in which Emmanuel educated American audiences about the realities of post-genocide Rwanda through his own testimony as a survivor and activist.

Being tasked with creating a website, event flyers, and other promotional materials is what showed me that storytelling goes beyond traditional mediums like books and film - it's also the most important element of marketing design. Through this stage of the project, I fell in love with visual design and brand identity work in a way I didn't expect to, leading up to the career path I am on now.

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