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Role: Digital Design Manager, Curebase
Full time

Overview of my role at Curebase

Curebase is a health tech startup, and during my time there it focused on decentralized clinical trials. Below are work samples from when Curebase specialized in end-to-end clinical research, and I managed digital design on the marketing team.

After being promoted to Digital Design Manager on the marketing team, I wore many hats overseeing visual brand strategy and implementation.

Skills utilized:

-Brand strategy and design
- UX/UI design
- Technical SEO strategy
- Responsive website development*
- Ongoing site optimization
- Multimedia content production

*I built the Curebase website in Webflow, and utilized my working knowledge
of HTML, CSS and Javascript to create a number of special interactions and functions.

Multimedia content example

The website challenge


In 2022, Curebase identified a key objective for their organization: rebrand their company to better showcase their modern, innovative approach to clinical trials. With a cleaner, more tech-driven public image, they believed they could better communicate new offerings to their target audiences.

I proposed creating an updated brand identity that would both showcase their cutting-edge technology and patient-centered services.



Leveling up the brand

My responsibilities at Curebase as the Digital Design Marketing Manager included:

- Leading the development of Curebase’s visual brand identity

- Establishing brand guidelines for company-wide use

- Conceptualizing creative ideas and leading implementation strategies for digital marketing initiatives and collateral across brand touch points that reinforced Curebase’s brand strategy and quality goals for both static and dynamic content

- Establishing design procedures for creative outputs across marketing channels

- Producing design templates for high-impact marketing collateral

- Designing visual imagery for the marketing website, ensured that they are in line with branding of Curebase. Continuously improved the appearance and function of the website by enforcing content standards and UX/UI best practices

- Leading the strategy for design and implementation of the Curebase marketing website; establishing site architecture, and developing, testing and improving pages using UX/UI design and development best practices

- Tracking and reporting on important website metrics, including traffic from acquisition channels, SEO rankings, and user behavior trends

- Leading technical SEO strategy and implementation


Our efforts in rebranding the company and overhauling marketing collateral led to some remarkable outcomes:

- 397% increased website engagement rate within 2 years

- 1st page SEO rankings for target keywords within 2 months of creating net new pages

- 780% increase in organic search users within 1 year

- Lead generation for accounts that fell into the 6 and 7 figure range

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